I am a teacher of 8th grade students in the midwest.  The subject I am charged with teaching is science, specifically Earth Science.  However, I use my classroom to teach students about critical thinking, cooperation, and many other life skills.  I use technology pervasively in my classroom in an effort to both enhance my instruction as well as help students develop so-called “21st century skills”.  Because of my high interest in technology and my use of technology in my classroom, as well as my extensive work in education I hope readers will gain new insight into common ideas and problems.  I want to especially make clear the need to critically question the use of technology as a “magic-bullet” to fix all of our problems, both societal and educational.  I will use my own classroom as a jumping-off-point to critique and further consider the use of technology in education.  I also hope to draw from outside resources and maybe even gain reader contributions.  Here goes nothing in the hopes of creating something!

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