Providing point & click instruction

One problem I have had when integrating technology in my classroom is getting students to learn the simple point/click aspect of using the various programs I have them use. The point/click knowledge is necessary before they can engage with the more important critical thinking required for creating content. What I have done in the past is a short demonstration in the classroom of how to use a program/website, then heading to the computer lab for the students to play around themselves. The problem with this approach is that I usually end up overloading the students with directions and they struggle once they get to the computer lab.

I recently discovered a free video screen capture program that allows me to record my on screen action and record audio explaining what I am doing. The file is able to be saved on a server (all for free) and I can provide students with a link to the video. This video can then be viewed in the computer lab when the student run into difficulties. My hope is that this program and the videos cut down on the number of procedural questions/problems and I can focus more on helping students work on deeper understanding of the content on which they are working.

Here is the link to the program called Jing:

Here is an example video I made to explain to students how they can edit the website I have charged them with creating:
There is a 5 minute limit on the video capturing, so there are some limitation, but I think I will be able to make great use of this program. Good luck!

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One Response to Providing point & click instruction

  1. Megan Roelfs says:

    That is an amazing website! I love it! In both of my student teaching placements I was lucky enough to have a projector screen hooked up to one of the computers so I could demonstrate while the students followed along. This helped IMMENSELY with helping the students.


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