Online student teaching

Sorry for the long absence, I hope some of you are still with me. I have been busy preparing for an upcoming science education conference.

I recently read somewhere that preservice teachers ought to be required to student teach a class online. I’ll assume this would be in addition to the regular student teaching, but it got me thinking about how teachers are prepared.

I think the notion that teaching might become an online endeavor is scary as I have alluded to in earlier posts, but if teachers are prepared to understand teaching and learning as opposed to just gaining “skills”, they will be ready for whatever teaching situation arises – different students, different content, different medium, etc.

I love(sarcastically) how the idea of understanding is pervasive in what education needs, but lacks significantly in what actually happens. I hope the unpredictable diversity of our futures (in general and for teachers) wakes us up. We need to realize that skills are necessary, but insufficient for preparing our students. Whether those students are specifically future teachers or future citizens.

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