Digital natives

So much talk about digital natives and how different they are than previous generations. I don’t think the difference is as great as some believe. Being born in the year most use as the dividing year (1980) puts me in an ackward, but useful position. I straddle two worlds or even two cuktures and interestingly am directly linked to the most potent cultural force – education. What I struggle with is how to embrace the technology in new and fascinating ways while holding onto the rich tradition of the past. Essentially, how does one play the role of both conservation and subversion?

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4 Responses to Digital natives

  1. Jeremy says:

    I disagree with you about the digital native/immigrant differences. It has been my experience that there are major differences in how digital natives think as compared to digital immigrants. The conflict that keeps me re-writing my lesson plans is this: How do I get student buy in, when they are as skeptical of change as my immigrant coworkers?


  2. jerridkruse says:

    If your students struggle with the change, why do you claim there is such a difference? Also, I don’t believe there is a difference in how they think, but in their experiences.


  3. Glenn Kenyon says:

    I find the digital “native” and “immigrant” labels very misleading. I was born 1962 and I have been using computer tech as a communication and organization tool since college. At my school, I am by far the most tech savvy user and I am in the upper age limit of the school. In my university classes, where I also teach, I have all my homework and assignments on line and it is a problem for more than 25% of my students. I recognize that in the arena of cell phone use and texting, the younger crowd is a step ahead of the older crowd, but I don’t see that translating into more interesting or deep conversations. In fact, from what I see, the corporate media model has been completely translated into the cell phone world and is, in fact, creating a whole generation of consumers, not necesarily the creators they are portrayed to be.


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