Whoa, long absence – New take on Individualized learning.


The link above connects to an article on high school students writing theses on independent projects.  I like the idea as I don’t feel like I really started learning until I was in graduate school.  Too much of high school and college is regurgitation and “spoonfed” – as one student from the article put it.

While the thesis idea for high school students is a nice idea, I see the percieved need for this kind of program as a wake up call for our current education system.  If students are gaining more on their own at such a young age, perhaps the teachers are not pushing students and are not appropriately scaffolding student learning – instead teachers are focusing on the facts to be memorized and the content to be “covered” rather than learned.


On a different note, I hope to start blogging on here again – more often, but perhaps shorter posts.  In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter (@jerridkruse).  I’ve been using that quite a bit more these days.

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