Observe the twitter experiment.

So while my students were in the computer lab today working with Google Earth to make observations about the planet, which will prove useful as we continue discussing the structure of the Earth and the theory that explains the inner workings, I had several “volunteer” students sign up for twitter and start following me and each other.  I think we have something like 30 or more students from my classes who have registered.  So far I have had them just posting interesting observations they made about the planet or various landforms using Google Earth.  We are keeping track of our class tweets using the hashtag #sscsci (south sioux city science).  I hope many of you science educators will join in on our conversations and reply to the students to encourage them to see Twitter as more than a social network, but a knowledge network. 

As this little experiment continues, I hope all parties will provide me with feedback so that the effective use of this technology can be harnessed.

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