Lessons learned…from twitter

I often note many of the downsides of technology in school and learning.  Yet, I am a technophile and recently examined what benefit I have had from engaging in social technology such as twitter.  While I am the first to admit we must carefully examine technology and its side effects, I also get annoyed by people who too quickly dismiss the value of new technologies just because it is new.  So below are just a few lessoned I think I have learned or have been enhanced through via my twitter experience.

1) Words must be chosen carefully.  Expressing ideas in 140 characters does not allow for excessive words.  Quick, to the point.  In another view, because of the retweet, we must be careful to say only things for which we are willing to be accountable.

2) Even carefully chosen words can be misinterpreted.  Being an effective communicator requires one to consider how their audience will interpret their words.  The immediate feedback of twitter has helped me not only realize, but improve my ability to consider my audience’s perspectives.  Furthermore, the dialogue that occurs between two people (or more) is where meaning is really revealed.

3) My perspective is but one….on every issue.  Twitter has exposed me to new perspectives and views beyond my typical social sphere.

Post your lessons learned in the comments.

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One Response to Lessons learned…from twitter

  1. A lesson I’ve learned…some conversations just aren’t Twitter-friendly. Context and more than 140 characters are sometimes needed to truly change one’s opinion on a topic.


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