Social networking & peer review

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Aaron Eyler usually gets me thinking.  He recently wrote a post concerning the importance of social networking.  While the comment I left didn’t directly address his post, it was related to the “history” of social networking and the role of peer review.  Below is my comment for Aaron.

Great post. I felt compelled to mention that social networking is not new. Scientists have communicated their findings for centuries via professional journals and conferences. Yes, these professional journals are slower, but they are peer reviewed. There is value in peer review as it prevents too much fluff. There is value in current social networking as it promotes immediacy, but that immediacy (as you and I both know & are probably guilty of at times) promotes a lot of talk with not much action. Peer review is an antiquated “gate keeping” practice which ought to be subverted, however, there are aspects of the process from which the social networking communities could learn. One thing I have learned by peer review is how to make my ideas more clear and more well supported. My blog is great for “thinking out loud” and some people do a much better job than me of supporting their blog with research, but having your work evaluated by reviewers is a whole different experience :)

So my question to the edublogosphere: Why haven’t you tried your hand at a peer-reviewed publication?

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