Quick group research project

Below is the assignment my students worked on today during class.  The assignment was as much about working together, using resources, and making sense of their research as it was about learning about the planets.  Feedback is always welcome.  Here is the blogpost student received when they walked into class:

Today your group will research one planet. Your first task will be to investigate your planet. My suggestion is to start out individually searching your planet then post facts and resources to twitter and make your planet a hashtag (ex: #mercury).

After you have some information and resources gathered, your next task is to work together to write a blog post about your planet. In the blog post you are to compare your planet to the Earth as well as provide general information about the planet. Make sure you include links to other resources in your post. You should have several reference links.
Lastly, post a link on twitter to your blog post using the #ssci #planets and your planet hashtag.
Timeline suggestion.
First 10-15 minutes: Research the planet.
Second 15-20 minutes: write your blog post.
Last 10 – 15 minutes: we will go look at each others’ posts and make comments.

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