Blogs I like, and you should too….:)

1) Aaron Eyler’s Sythesizing Educaiton

I like Aaron’s blog not because every idea is gold, but because they are ideas.  He puts a lot of stuff out there, some of it great, some of it not-so-great, but because of his refusal to compromise his values, most all of it causes me to think about something in some way.

2) Larry Cuban’s Blog

This guy has been around education for a while and knows his stuff.  He sees beyond the hype in education reform.  However, his posts are pretty long – not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I want a quick anecdote not a thesis. :)

3) Cooperative Catalyst

I like the idea behind this blog, but I have not found myself connecting with any of the topics or writers…yet. So it gets a recommendation because I think it is going somewhere.

4) John Passantino’s blog

I just started following, but he has some very good stuff that is worth taking a look at.

5)  Steven Anderson

Steven keeps me up-to-date with the techy type stuff.

6) Dan Meyer

Love this math blog.  Love it.

7) Doyle

This guy approaches teaching and science as they ought be approached.  As spiritually fulfilling activities.

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9 Responses to Blogs I like, and you should too….:)

  1. Aaron Eyler says:


    Thanks so much for the kind words. It’s greatly appreciated. Hope all is well.



  2. dloitz says:

    Love to have you come and suggest topics or join us a writer…at the Cooperative Catalyst!


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