Keeping me up at night…

I am deeply troubled by the standardization of education.  I am not opposed to accountability (I welcome administrators and parents into my classroom and monitor student progress closely), but I am concerned about the attitudes toward education that push the standardization agenda.  What our politicians do not realize is that learning is not linear, is often unpredictable and is dependent on a wildly and wonderfully variable entity: our students.

I worry our desire to “improve” education no longer has anything to do with our desire to positively influence our children.

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5 Responses to Keeping me up at night…

  1. Matt says:

    Do you think “Globalization” or “Preparing our students for a global economy” is a factor in the push for standardization? A way to ensure that all students across the board receive the same “education?”


    • jerridkruse says:

      I think it is a rationale oft given, but it makes little sense to me. In order to help kids be competitive we are going to make them all the same? Doesn’t make sense to me. Instead we ought be encouraging them to develop unique strengths.


      • Matt says:

        but that would require local control (which I am for). I think the mindset is we need to give kids the same general set of knowledge so no student “misses out” on something thereby diluting their education. Should Iowa students experience an Iowa-leaning education as a means to develop unique strengths? For example, since Iowa is an ag leader, taylor education to produce the greatest minds in ag (local focus) in order to be a world leader in ag (globally competative)???


  2. Matt says:

    isn’t this “specializing” what universities already do? States/districts need to have control over their curriculum so they can do what they do best. There could be allowance for standards for processes (application & crit. think.), not content, but that would throw a wrench into the heart of those sacred standardized tests.


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