After yet another encounter with people unwilling to admit technology has a bad side or that technology is not “just a tool” I decided to let some great thinkers speak the words I cannot. My point is not to be anti-technology, but to encourage us all to realize that technology does not carry a flag of neutrality & we ought critically consider technology’s role in our lives & in the education of our children.

The following pics are from Nicholas Carr’s new book, “The Shallows”. Pay close attention to the highlighted parts. For more from Carr, check out his blog.

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4 Responses to techno-critique

  1. Shawn says:

    It seems ironic to be using the ultimate mass media to share this message, and even one of the earliest (actual print). I do agree, all media types do change us-whether we are personally involved, or not. That is certain.


  2. movedtospeak says:

    I agree that we shouldn’t assume technology is good/neutral but there is no scientific foundation for this information. There was a very good article published last week debunking this sort of argument but, curses, I can’t remember where I saw it.


    • jerridkruse says:

      Our thinking that “science will provide answers” is the same thinking as “technology will save us” & is exactly why this sort of argument MUST be raised. Of course there are people who disagree, but consider their bias, consider your own. We all love technology. Technology is as ubiquitous as water. Questioning technology is emotionally difficult, but saying science debunks a philosophical argument puts too much faith in the technology of science. I hope you think of/find the reference.


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