Socrates IS cool!

I am really getting onto @johntspencer’s book, “teaching unmasked”. I believe inhale found yet another kindred spirit & look forward to our continued dialogues. In the page below he simultaneously demonstrates his passion & expertise in teaching while approaching the act of teaching with respect & humility. I especially like the highlighted part. Encouraging students to wrestle with the paradox that is life is the best part of teaching!

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2 Responses to Socrates IS cool!

  1. I am really enjoying the book too. John has a way of expression my thoughts much more succinctly than I could ever hope to.


  2. Kathy Teel says:

    As a philosophy teacher, I totally have to agree. Socrates rocks. My kids think so, too. I actually had to tell them the other day, “Let’s stop debating philosophy and go watch some TV, okay?”


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