Individualized learning: Nothing new but cost.…

This story, while inspiring, masks that the fundamental change is in attitude, not technology or even methods. The key is to change what we consider “getting it”. I have been in classrooms where one group of students is getting a lecture, another is reading from the text, & yet another is conducting a laboratory investigation. And the teacher didn’t need an algorithm to figure it out! What they needed was a new way to frame their thinking about learning. What I would have liked this article to focus on is how the students are allowed to demonstrate learning in multiple ways & encouraged to seek varied sources of information. Instead, the article reads like yet another piece claiming technology is the answer. I say teacher beliefs about learning are what need to change!

Question to self: could the model described in the article lead to tremendous profit?  Isn’t that what became so wrong with healthcare – the cessation of seeing the ill as “patients” and instead as “customers”?

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