“unquestioned reverence” – a bad idea (period).


The article linked above is a nice piece critiquing Nicholas Carr’s new book. The article’s author notes Carr’s “unquestioned reverence” for the deep, linear thinking of a book & rightfully calls this reverence into question. However, what about the unquestioned reverence we all have for new media? I don’t think Carr is anti-new media, nor am I, perhaps we (or at least I am) are both trying to prevent the “unquestioned reverence” for anything from becoming the norm.

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2 Responses to “unquestioned reverence” – a bad idea (period).

  1. Dave Baker says:

    Good call. Unquestioned reverence has a good chance of leading to bad actions in the name of authority.

    Incidentally, I read this piece by John Naughton in the UK Observer, and it really resonated with what you seem to be saying. (If not that, though, it resonates with what I’m trying to say.) I particularly enjoyed the bit about who the writers of our “bookends” will be.



    • jerridkruse says:

      Great article, thanks for sharing. I believe I have mentioned postman to you on Facebook – I still highly recommend any of his books. I wish he was still alive to provide insight into the rapidly evolving nature of technology today – instead we must extrapolate his ideas on previous technologies. A task you would likely have little trouble doing, but many think the internet has no negative side like the television did.


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