hope for education

I sometimes get a feeling of hopelessness when thinking about improving schooling.  So many people are pushing/pulling in so many different directions.  So much gets said and so little gets done.  So I wanted to remind myself why I do remain hopeful.  People.

Sometimes I forget the sense of hope I get when working with students.  Most of these students are not yet jaded, they are eager to learn new things and become legitimately excited when they come to think about something in a new way.  Students are not quick to give up, but continue to ask questions until their curiosity is satiated.  Our students and their innate desire to learn should give us hope for our future and the future of schools.

Teachers are another group of people who give me hope.  Too often, when discussing education reform I am overly critical of my fellow teachers.  I need to remind myself of the altruistic nature of teachers.  I am made hopeful by the teachers who spend their personal time working with students.  I am energized by a group of teachers discussing how to improve education.  I am humbled by teachers who continue to learn well into their careers.

Sometimes I see our hope being misplaced in technology, curriculum, or ideas.  What we might need to remind ourselves is that all of these things are implemented by people.  It is the people within education that matter most.  Our investments should be in them.

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3 Responses to hope for education

  1. crudbasher says:

    That was nicely written! I sometimes feel like that too. It’s easy to get down about things but things do change. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step right? Thanks for sharing!


  2. JK says:

    Great post — don’t give up on Hope!


  3. Jerrid, I LOVE this quote from Cornelius Plantinga: “One who hopes is one who imagines.” You’ve got amazing insight and intellect. One of my hopes: widened influence for individuals like you who truly could help us make education what it should be. Press on!


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