First Day – Educ 109 Educational Technology

I know we covered a lot of stuff today, I appreciate your attention and willingness to try new things.  Some of you may have not had much time to go over the syllabus in detail, so please do so.  If you have questions be sure to ask.
So far we have introduced Twitter, Blogger and Google Reader.  Please play around with these applications over the next week to become more familiar with them.  These tools will be useful for our learning in and out of class.  Some of you do not have a blog set up or have not put the link to your blog on the course blog site.  Remember to get the address to your blog, you must go to “view blog” in your dashboard.  To access both Reader and Blogger you need to go to, sign in, then go to “more” and maybe “even more”.
Remember, your assignment is to follow AND ENGAGE one new person on twitter each day.  Do not do seven people in one day, do one per day.   “Engage” means to have a mini discussion with them, reply to something they said, disagree with someone, ask someone a question and see where it goes.  As I said in class, find people who are interested in education.  Use facebook for your “Friends”, start using twitter to develop your online professional presence.
Your other assignment is to post at least one blog post.  Also, be sure you are following everyone’s blogs so that we can provide each other with constructive comments.  I am compiling a “bundle” of this class’ blogs so you can subscribe to the bundle and have everyone’s blogs.  The bundle is linked on the course website.  (to access the course site go to then “Drake Courses” then “Educ 109”.
Good luck. See you next week!
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2 Responses to First Day – Educ 109 Educational Technology

  1. John Sowash says:

    I wish I was in your class! Sounds like fun! Let me know how the transition to higher ed. goes! Perhaps I will be one of the Tweeps that your class engages!


  2. Fantastic! I have been looking for this all day yesterday. I wish there was more info about this. Greatly appreciated


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