What matters most.

After reading Larry Cuban’s recent post on the mixing of educational technology integration and education reform, I left him this comment that I think some of you might enjoy.  If you are not following Larry’s blog, you should! His voice is much needed!
The conflation of technology and teaching is extremely problematic.  I would go one step further to say there are some technologies that actually encourage a teacher-centric classroom, and I’m not talking about just power point.
Technologies are designed to do something better or faster.  Since most technology designers do not understand effective teaching (or are not designing something for teaching purposes), they often focus on making content more appealing or easier to access instead of creating a technology that causes students to more deeply engage mentally with content.  These technology biases are rarely brought up and even more rarely questioned.  Considering that most technologies require the teacher to have preset agendas, the art of socratic dialogue has gone by the wayside.
I don’t know if separating technology discussions from teaching discussions is wise.  Instead, I believe we ought look at teachers’ fundamental beliefs of what “learning” is and how these beliefs get transferred to teaching practice including technology use.
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