This is OUR problem

A friend had an (rightfully so) angry post earlier today about how President Obama has just given us more of the same in “education reform”.  When I thought about it, I had the idea that maybe education itself is to blame (in a weird way).  We spent so much time in the past worrying about facts and dates, we forgot to help students understand what learning is, why learning is important, and how to assess whether you have learned something.  Because we, as teachers, have previously (and continue to) focused so hard on isolated bits of info, our current politicians (our former students) believe these isolated tidbits are important.  We must shift our focus in the classroom if we are to have any hope of future politicians shifting their focus.

Below is a screen capture of what I tweeted to my friend (remember it’s in reverse order):

Maybe it's us

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One Response to This is OUR problem

  1. Les says:

    You are right, but there is still the reality that many of the politicians are parents. Parental expectations can be distorted and unrealistic: I know, I had to hold myself back many times over the years as a parent– even knowing what the goals were. The world is changing faster than almost u anyone can keep up. So I do not see this as my fault, but I sure I running nonstop to ensure that my kids now are ready for the world they will live in. Still don’t get how high test scores prove success, though.


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