Less time for *my* stuff.

I now have almost two weeks completed in my new position at Drake University. I am teaching three courses in the School of Education – Educational Technology, Learning & Assessment, and Elementary Science Methods.  I have enjoyed the class discussions and am excited to see where these people take education in the coming years.

As part of each course the students are getting involved with educational technologies such as blogging and twitter.  The students are reflecting on their learning, providing each other with feedback and making new connections with teachers “out there”.  With all this flurry of info coming my way just from my classes, I am finding myself with less time for my own new learning and writing. I know resolving this problem is important for my own sanity so will try to carve out time for myself.  Yet, I took this new position because I wanted to work with future teachers and am finding the work to be new, challenging and exciting so disciplining myself to find that time for my own “stuff” will be difficult.

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2 Responses to Less time for *my* stuff.

  1. Micah S says:

    In leaving less time for *your* stuff, you are modeling this behavior for your students. It’s good to see you reflecting on this!


  2. John Sowash says:

    I struggle with the same issue, Jerrid. I find that the consistency of my blogging and reading drops significantly during the school year. Balancing professional, personal, and family life is a challenge!


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