Hypertext, Nicholas Carr, Digital Natives & more…

Here are a couple videos I made on my way to work this morning.

Here’s a link to a contrary point of view. I don’t agree and find this person to have cherry-picked 1 of 55 resources Carr cites.

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One Response to Hypertext, Nicholas Carr, Digital Natives & more…

  1. jerridkruse says:

    I love commenting on my own post. I feel like it highlights the lack of traffic and interest generated by my blog. :) Found this cool video that takes a “so what” attitude to the changes the internet is causing in human thinking. I agree and found myself laughing, however, also believe that teaching is both a subversive and conserving activity. We as teachers ought be critically examining old and new knowledge structures to pull out what is most useful to our students. For me, that most useful thing is an ability to think critically. I don’t want my students to only think creatively in/about certain mediums, but all mediums. Therefore, the prolonged thought required of lengthy text is something with which i want my students to engage. I also want them to engage with “new” mediums as well. It’s all good if it getting kids to become more flexible thinkers.

    Here’s the funny video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TW9HGuWMJo&feature=player_embedded


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