Interrelated learning factors

The diagram below was created during a discussion in my “learning & assessment” course. We started by listing some things that we know affect learning & then tried to understand how each factor affected other factors. While the students are not done learning about learning (as if any of us ever are), the diagram highlights several interrelated factors influencing learning & notes how important background experiences are for new learning. What would you add to this diagram? Let us know in the comments.

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15 Responses to Interrelated learning factors

  1. Heidi says:

    I would have loved to participate in the discussion that resulted in that diagram!

    I understand how these things, from a skills (or attributes) perspective, contribute to how we learn. I wonder how my relationships (not just my social skills) would be represented here? It’s often within relationships that we make meaning of our learning – figure out how it fits into our lives, hook something new onto something we already understand or just figure out how something is relevant – and that’s the learning that sticks, isn’t it? Because it’s meaningful…

    I often talk about wanting relevant, empowered learning within a socially supportive context. I need to feel safe. I need to be able to bounce ideas back and forth with another person. I need to understand how it fits into my world. And I need some choices about how or what I learn, because a sense of ownership also comes from relevance and choice.

    How does all that relate to the discussion you had with your class?

    And thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Jerridkruse says:

    Your insight about the role of relationships is important not only is creating safe environments, but also in meaning making as social learning theory notes. This role of peers is not explicitly noted in our diagram-perhaps we’ll add it next class.

    Much of your comments about prior learning & something to hook leaning on would fall under background (prior experience, prior understanding, etc)

    Thanks for sharing some insight!


  3. Heidi says:

    Makes sense re: prior learning.

    I like to think of the social stuff not only in terms of peers, but also both mentors and self…



  4. BillGx says:

    I assume that attitude comes at least in part from background as well, however I think that part of a person’s attitude towards learning hinges upon natural personality tendencies. Learning can be difficult, and different personalities handle difficulties in different ways.


    • jerridkruse says:

      I agree, our attitudes & views toward learning will affect our learning. This is actually an area of research for me. Much research demonstrates that dispositions toward learning affect
      Learning. My research investigates if &
      how we might modify those dispositions. So far, so good :)


  5. GNA says:

    Hey J.

    Three areas I would add: Wondering where learner motivation fits into learning? Also, where does learning happen i.e., the ecology–learning always happens w/n a context of some sort (beginning in the womb). Lastly, what of beliefs? [Beginning w/ an epistemology and taking it to the most practical aka cotidien e.g., “believing” what your teacher (or textbook) says as Truth.]

    Rock on brother.



    • jerridkruse says:

      Ah yes. Moving from a cold conceptual change to a hot one (motivation, goals, etc) is well argued by pintrich et al, 1993 & the ecological part is what I touched on with the learning disposition in a previous comment (see work by sherry southerland &/or Schommer for more on that-they bring in the constructs of dogmatism, motivation, epistemology, need for cognition & others). Sorry for the “name dropping”, but I wanted to make a mental note to myself to ensure I bring these constructs up in class. Thanks for the nudge!


  6. makeuporcoke says:

    I really dig reading this blog, although I rarely have the opportunity these days without internet access in my home. Womp womp.

    This article says similar things: I hope html is enabled in comments..


  7. What about various special needs, would that fit under “background?”


  8. Tony says:

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  9. Tony says:

    I love to understand teaching and learning


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