It’s not just the technology…

I am starting to see a shift in educators’ dialogue around technology.  I see that they are more careful to note that technology is not enough to change education.  An example might be, “It’s not just the technology, I use the technology to get kids thinking critically, arguing points, researching topics, evaluating ideas and making connections”.  While this stance of “its not just the technology” is a welcome step forward, I want to push a little harder.

You can do everything in the second half of the statement WITHOUT digital technology.  So take out the word “just”.  Education change is not technology. Take pride in YOUR affect on your classroom, talk about what YOU do with kids and how YOU promote the higher levels of thinking that will serve them well.  To say “it’s not just the technology” gives technology too much power and removes the importance of the classroom teacher.  Yes, use the technology, but realize teachers were doing amazing things before digital technology.  Let us not give too much credit to technology, nor use lack of technology as a scapegoat. TEACHERS create amazing learning environments.

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One Response to It’s not just the technology…

  1. Scott says:

    Yes! Technology can be a useful tool but the teacher is the catalyst. I’m with you – take out the “just”!


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