Technophile and Luddite together as one.

Read a really neat post over at Dangerously Irrelevant.  The post outlined some philosophical arguments surrounding technology.  I really liked the post and left the following comment some of you might find interesting.

I really like this post.  I think it highlights the two ends of the tech adoption spectrum.  I don’t know if this was your intent, but bravo!
There are those who see new technologies as problematic because they disrupt the status quo.  They have no reason for wanting to maintain the status quo other than it is familiar. These folks are not willing to admit benefits to new technology.
There are also those who want to adopt new technologies simply because they are new.  They are not willing to see negative consequences of technology and assume all new technology leads to improvement.
Both of these views are naive.  We need to embrace technologies that enable us to work towards our goals for education while realizing that subversion done in isolation of conservation is problematic.  To think there is nothing worth holding onto from the past is ridiculous.  We have to learn from the past, hold onto what is worth holding onto as well as add new dimensions.  To dismiss the past is to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
When making decisions about technology we must wear two hats.  That of the technophile and that of the Luddite.  We must ask, “what does this technology help me do?” AND “what does this technology prevent me from doing?”  We must ask, “how does technology X enhance some aspects of my students learning?” and “Which aspects of my students’ educational experience are negatively affected?”  To simply answer “None” or “not at all” to any of these questions does not help.  This stance only ignores the problem.  So, embrace new technology, but question its use.  Doing both take difficult mental and philosophical work.
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