Technology lets you choose…

“Technology lets you choose” is a nice sentiment, but what do you choose?  You choose to listen to people with whom you already agree.  You choose to engage with subjects you already like.

To what extent will technology provide human beings with the means to segregate ourselves in new ways?  Yes, the ability to choose is good.  However, like all good things, too much can be a bad thing.


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4 Responses to Technology lets you choose…

  1. Jared says:

    Hi Jerrid
    I am following your blog for John Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. While technology has opened so many doors, it has also made it easier to be less personal. I really enjoyed reading some of your September posts on technology in the clasroom – especially about it not being the savior nor the excuse for classroom success. As we are discussing in class, our role as educators is to help students branch out and use technology responsibly.


  2. jerridkruse says:

    Thanks Jared,

    I would add something to your role of educators. In order for students to really use technology “responsibly”, they must be able to critique the technology. That is, student must be able to identify what things the technology is doing for them, how the technology might change their thinking, how the technology might change our culture, and how some of these changes are not desirable. All technologies have a faustian bargain, or a trade-off.

    That said, these negative effects are not an excuse for teachers to not use technology. Tech literacy must include understanding how to use modern technology, but people rarely note how tech literacy must include understanding some of these deeper philosophical issues surrounding technology.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope class is going well!


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