Technology and Ruts

Below is a modified comment I left over on @intrepidteacher’s blog:

Music is in sort of stale point.  Lanier claims that hip-hop was the last truly new kind of music to come out and that was 30-40 years ago.  What is happening now is repackaging and remixing rather than revolution or originality.  It is an interesting point.  All our technology is supposed to be revolutionizing things, but we are just getting more of the same with a new coat of paint – this has clear implication for schools and makes me wonder why this lack of originality exists in the music industry.  I think it is partly because of the technology making it easier to find music we like so we don’t “discover” new music. Also, i think there is a music industry economic issue.  With the technology lowering profit margins for labels, they are less likely to take risks on unknown artists or unfamiliar music.

So perhaps the revolution technology is causing is better classified as an erosion or, at best, a distraction from the rut we are in.

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2 Responses to Technology and Ruts

  1. teknophilia says:

    I’m afraid I can’t remember his name, but as I recall, there’s one guy that’s responsible for the overriding beats in most songs. Then you have Max Martin (, who writes the lyrics for most pop songs. All that’s left is to autotune everyone’s voice to the same vocal sweet spot. So basically everyone is sharing the same lyrics/beat/voice.


  2. A very intriguing analogy – I like it!


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