Did you go to high school? Join the education department!

A few days ago, I was sent this link to an article where a physics professor “discovers” that lecture isn’t working.


What I find hilarious (in an infuriating way) is that this physics professor could have found this out very easily had he walked only a few blocks to his university’s education department and asked a few questions. If I had a question about chemistry, I would not hesitate to ask the chemists. Yet, when talking teaching, we are all somehow on the same plane despite my expertise in education.

Perhaps I should just change my perspective: “Since everyone else is an expert in education because they have been “educated”, I should rightfully claim my own expertise in biology – I have, after all, been a living organism for over 31 years!

**Edit/addendum: as a friend helped me understand, the physics prof likely does not believe this study to be groundbreaking & has done work in science education before. So, rather than criticizing the physics prof, my frustration is more accurately placed in the author of the media piece who is lauding these findings as novel rather than soon some more research with the university education Dept.

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