Capture the flag

Right now, the TV is on, but my wife and I are each working on our laptops – in the same room, but somewhere else.  I glance at the TV screen during a commercial (they are designed to be more interesting than the shows and, let’s be honest, the shows are only good enough to hold our attention until the commercials).  Anyway, the TV and laptops did not come on until after my son was in bed and I even went on a evening walk.  We spent most of the day outside, so this is not a story about how I think our digital tech use is unbalanced (sometimes it is, but certainly not today).

No, this is a story about a memory I have.  I remember playing capture the flag at my friend D.J.’s farm.  We would climb fences, army crawl through tall grass, run, dive, trip, fall, get whipped in the face by tree branches, climb trees, etc.  We’d camp out by the river on his property, swim in the water at midnight, and enjoy the outdoors.  I remember once being in enemy territory when two opponents came around a corner.  Taking cover in tall grass, I lied quietly hoping to not be discovered.  Then, one of my opponents (standing just above me) noted he needed to urinate (in not so clean terms).  I was faced with a decision.  Get urinated on, or surrender…

So, what does this have to do with the TV and television commercials? The commercial I just saw had children playing in a field.    Yet, this was different, each child was equipped with a digital mobile device and following on-screen directions.  Our commercials may be the single greatest cultural commentary available.  I don’t wish I had these devices when I was younger, I’m very glad I didn’t.

PS. When telling my wife the urination story she said 1) I should have used the word “pee” & 2) the decision to be made (get peed on or surrender) could be metaphorical.  I think it applies well to the continue to question technology or give in – cause criticizing technology in today’s culture can lead to getting urinated on.
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6 Responses to Capture the flag

  1. johntspencer says:

    Love this post. Simply adding a digital element does not enhance something that need not be enhanced. Yesterday we picked salsa ingredients from the garden. None of it was digital. It was beautiful.


  2. Great post! I have been thinking all day about your comments on commercials. I never really thought about commercials reflecting our culture…I agree. But, I also think commercials try to influence our culture.

    I think commercials often point to real or imagined ideals. I can see future conversations with my daughter about this topic (though, of course, we don’t watch toooooo much tv! :-) )


  3. Matt Ruden says:

    NIce Jerrid. This is why I don’t watch TV. Yet, it begs the question….did you surrender or get “urinated” on?


  4. jerridkruse says:

    it does beg that question, doesn’t it.



  5. Matt Ruden says:

    ……you surrendered.


  6. I’m only 20, but I can totally relate. Hopscotch and jump roping was my expertise. Sadly, today as I drive through my neighborhood,I don’t see much of that and kids are getting younger by the day with iPhones.


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