Dear Mr. Branstad

You’ve created a STEM council. I appreciate that. However, why is this council composed of less than 25% educators?

Your actions speak louder than words. Your actions say you are more interested in pleasing business than helping kids.

Business leaders are well versed in how to run their businesses (some better than others). I appreciate their expertise. Why should they not appreciate the expertise of educators?

Education is a business only in that money is required. When you use a business lens to “improve” education you see kids as products rather than human beings. This is shameful.

STEM education must be improved in this state. However, you’ve created a council that might be able to tell you about products, but they know nothing of process. They know of efficiency, but a quality education cannot be described as efficient.

If business leaders want to improve workplace efficiency, they bring in a workplace efficiency consultant. Yet, you’ve called in non-experts to “fix” something they know nothing about. If business leaders want a high quality workforce based on a high quality education, they should recognize that they are not the experts we need.

PS. To those educators on the STEM Council – we need you! Do not let them distill our children to inputs & outputs!

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One Response to Dear Mr. Branstad

  1. Alyssa Jackson says:

    Mr. Kruse,

    My name is Alyssa Jackson, I am a student in Dr. Strange’s EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. It was nice reading you post. I was glad to see that you like to express how you feel, but at the same time you say it very professionally. Also it is nice to see that you really care about the work you do. We need more educators working in the school system that had the same passion as you do. Also I hope that Mr. Branstad got the point and is not going to keep “putting business first instead of the students.”


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