Technology’s Bias

Teacher beliefs are not the only influence on technology use in the classroom.  Technologies come with inherent value systems. For example, Postman (1992) notes how the printing press provided an avenue for the Bible to become available to a wide audience – effectively undermining some powers of the established church.  Both Gutenberg (designer) and Luther (user) were surprised by the ability of the printed word to spread so quickly.  Over time, the value systems inherent in the printing press, that each person has access to text or the linearity of thought, became the dominant value system in society.  Preservice teachers must understand the value-laden nature of technology so they might acknowledge how technology can and often does promote teaching and learning environments not very different from traditional learning spaces (Cobb, 1999; Fraser & Deane, 1999; Gance, 2002; Guzman-Rodriguez, 2007).


This post is from a paper I recently presented at the Association for Science Teacher Educators. For the full paper and citations, click here.

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