Technology changes schools, but how? (part 2)

Technology has, and will continue to modify our beliefs and value systems.  Such changes will impact our actions.  While techno-enthusiasts talk about the possibilities of technology they miss the subtle hints technology gives about how the technology wants to be used.  That is, technological affordances are discussed at length, but technological cues are almost completely ignored.  Because technology can have such great effect on both beliefs and actions, educators ought to be wary of the subtle, but powerful hints, or cues, technology sends about how the technology wants to be implemented.  While imaginations run wild with the possibilities, or affordances of technology, few (not even designers in some cases) consider the cues technology contains.  For example, although textbooks can be used as a valuable tool in classrooms, the bolded words cue students (and teachers) to place emphasis on vocabulary acquisition over deep conceptual understanding.


This post is from a paper I recently presented at the Association for Science Teacher Educators. For the full paper and citations, click here.

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