Preservice Teachers as Questioners of Technology (part 1)

The educational technology course in this study uses the six nature of technology (NOT) ideas previously discussed to help the teachers become more informed questioners of technology.  As previously noted, the preservice teachers are expected to identify and discuss possible biases, limitations, and trade-offs of each technology on which they complete a project.  Importantly, these projects are meant as assessment of the preservice teachers’ understanding of the NOT ideas, not as a way to introduce the NOT.

NOT instruction in the educational technology course is informed by both conceptual change theory (Posner et al., 1982) and Clough’s (2006) application of conceptual change theory to the nature of science.  This framework highlights the importance of confronting misconceptions and maintaining pressure on students’ thinking by ensuring new ideas are fruitful, intelligible, and plausible.  That is, once learners become dissatisfied with their views of the NOT, new ideas must be carefully introduced so students do not choose to exit instruction.


This post is from a paper I recently presented at the Association for Science Teacher Educators. For the full paper and citations, click here.

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