The nature of science

These ideas were documented during my elementary science methods course. Many of these ideas are deeply misunderstood & misrepresented in both popular & educational dialogue.


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2 Responses to The nature of science

  1. It is my belief that we need to do a better job at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary level educating students as to the basics of what science is and what it is not.

    I remember getting ready to launch into my high school Biology curriculum the first week of my first year and having an entire day derailed because I asked the question, ‘What is science?’. I naively thought it was a warm-up question. A softball. It wasn’t, so we stripped down all the misconceptions, went back to basics, and ended up with a white board that looks very much like your own.

    The whole time I was asking myself, ‘How did these tenth graders get to this point?’ I think it’s because I almost took it for granted myself. Had I never spontaneously asked that question, I would have inadvertently become part of the problem.

    Too often we lose sight of the fundamentals. I wish the whole world could see your post as a reminder.


  2. jerridkruse says:

    thanks! The biggest mistake we make is assuming kids pick up accurate notions of science from school. More than likely, they pick up inaccurate notions that must be directly targeting in instruction.


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