Apple & Huxley

The newest iPad commercials epitomize the manner in which technology shifts the way both our culture & individuals think. The commercial ends by noting how a crisp new screen allows us to be better connected to the things we care about most. Unsurprisingly, but also disturbingly, the image at that moment is a video playing on the iPad of a child laughing. We ought to be angry at this message. Unfortunately, most are not even aware of the destructive nature of the message. Some are not even aware the message at all.

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2 Responses to Apple & Huxley

  1. Hi, my name is Ashton Counselman and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. Unfortunately, I must be missing the point of this also. Personally, I think technology has come a long way and has only enhanced society’s ways of communication and allows us to share memories and stay in touch with family and friends no matter how far apart from each other we may be. I use videos all the time of my 3 year old daughter to send to family members that can’t be with us and they love getting them because even though they are missing out on a lot, this allows them to stay connected in some way. I think when the commercial says this “allows us to be better connected to the things we care about most” that they are referring to family. There are multiple types of families and reasons why not everyone can always be together or in the same state and this is just a tool that can minimize the pain and homesick feelings by staying connected and being able to share memories worldwide. I am interested to hear more about your viewpoints on this matter. Please feel free to check out my blog at <a href="" or email me at emailme.


  2. Daniel Coker says:

    Hi Jerrid. My name is Daniel and I’m a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I agree with Ashton – how is this a ‘destructive message’? Modern marketing is tailor-made to appeal to all kinds of people, and a universal idea is that children ARE the most important thing – in education, doubly so. They’re trying to garner more attention from people by appealing to their innate feelings of how important our youth is. It’s not destructive, it’s marketing, and companies have been doing it since marketing has been around. And if the iPad can be used to connect people (which it can), it’s also not in any way false to say that it can do so.

    Perhaps a little elaboration would go a long way in getting your point across. I’m lost as to what your meaning is, and I would surely like to know how Apple’s advertisement is destructive.

    Daniel Coker
    EDM310 at The University of South Alabama


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