Are we really critical of technology?

The following is from a book chapter I’m currently working on:

Unfortunately, dominant discourses surrounding education technology inhibit critical analysis of technology in education.  As Henry Becker, a University of California psychologist (cited in Ely, 1995, p.8) explains:

[I]n education, our expectations for what can be done with computers are unduly inflated by our persistent tendency to publicize only our successes…Even worse is the widespread attention we give to partial anecdotal evidence that some children have achieved remarkable things using technology.

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My passion lies with helping people become more thoughtful, compassionate individuals. I recently finished a year of graduate work at Iowa State University in the Curriculum & Instruction (Education) Department. Next year I will be teaching 8th grade students at South Sioux City Middle School.
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2 Responses to Are we really critical of technology?

  1. What book is this for and when will it be published? Sounds like something I’d enjoy reading.

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