Hybrid w/ Google Plus

I’m teaching a hybrid section of educational psychology this summer. I’m using google plus & other google apps as my main platform for the online section of the course. I am finding I like this platform for student sharing & dialogue because the student blogs are not disconnected entities from the main discussion forum. To accomplish this, I have student’s write blogs that address readings or problems posed in which they are to take what they are learning & apply. Then, the students post links to these blogs on google plus & all commenting happens in google plus rather than their individual blog posts. This prevents students from having to revisit blog posts on which they’ve commented (cause they wouldn’t anyway) & notifies them when someone comments after their comment. My hope with this approach is that a dialogue will develop rather than isolated comments. My approach so far has been to pose questions rather than interject my own thinking & I’ve had reasonable success.

Much of my teaching of preservice teachers revolves around modeling & asking students to consider the implications of things I do in class. With the hybrid format, I am not able to do that as much do have tried to augment this aspect with videos to provide the concrete experiences on which the teachers can reflect. Perhaps a fully online version could make use of google plus hangouts as the medium for more synchronous discussion.

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