What technology wants

Below is the back cover of Kevin Kelly’s book, “What Technology Wants”. I have not read the book but have two thoughts based on just the back cover: 1) To think evolution has an inevitable nature is a gross misunderstanding of evolution. Given the flaw in what seems to be the basis of his argument, 2) he is going to have a hard time supporting even a neo-determinism. Given the large scale dismissal of simple determinism, he already has an uphill battle without faulty premises.

Has anyone read this? I’d love to be compelled to read this book with a comment.


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One Response to What technology wants

  1. Kayla Johnson says:

    Hello Mr. Kruse,
    My name is Kayla Johnson. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I decided to comment on this blog post because we have been blogging about technology in the classroom. No, I have not read the book, “What Technology Wants”, but have seen many videos and read many blog post (for my EDM 310 class) that deals with supporting technology in the classroom. I am one that agrees in technology being included in the classrooms in the decades to come. How do you feel on the subject?


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