A natural solution?

In “Silent Spring”, Rachel Carson calls for natural solutions to pest problems (weeds & insects). I wonder what the parallel might be for education? What are the “pests” we are trying to eradicate? Student apathy, low accountability, & lack of utility are three that come to mind. What the. Would be the “natural” solution. More standardized testing, overly scripted curricula, & forced use of technology seem unnatural. I suspect, if we think hard enough, there is a way to control the “pests” of education without such invasive means.

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2 Responses to A natural solution?

  1. Sara Kinney says:

    While I agree that the “pests” you listed in your example need to be eradicated, I don’t necessarily agree that we need to look for a “natural” solution. For one, I don’t believe that technology should be left out of the educational process. Teachers and students alike should be “forced” to use the most advanced technology possible when appropriate. As we move forward into an age of unprecedented technological advancement, understanding how technology works and how it can be used will be more and more important. Technology should be taught at every level and should be weaved into the curriculum of any educational system.


    • jerridkruse says:

      While I don’t wholeheartedly disagree with you, I think there are some things to consider. 1) if something is appropriate, it should not need to be forced. 2) the unprecedented nature of our current technology expansion is not new. The printing press & various wars likely put just as much new technology into the world. 3) If technology is constantly changing, preparing kids to use today’s technology does little to prepare them for tomorrow’s technology. Rather than focusing on technology, perhaps we should focus on teaching kids to think & learn. Things useful no matter the tech or the task.


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