Student Participation

Today in my Ed Psych course I asked, “Why do we want students to participate in class?” The preservice teachers easily acknowledged that increased participation likely leads to increased mental engagement & having students hear ideas of other students has clear benefits concerning the language accessibility of the exchanges. I then asked, “What things can a teacher do to discourage/encourage participation?” While there are obvious answers, I think one of the more nuanced ideas related to valuing student ideas. When exploring this, we noted that teachers need to flexibly use student ideas, but doing so requires a very well developed pedagogical content knowledge. Leave a comment sharing how you encourage your students to participate in class discussion or other activities?

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2 Responses to Student Participation

  1. During discussions, I’ll ask students to stop and write, especially when the discussions get “backed up.” I’ve found with 6th graders, they often want to share and they get in the flow of the discussion, but when they get a chance to talk, their brains move faster than they can get the words out.

    So, often, I have them write their thoughts out so they’ll have notes.

    That’s not just for large group but also in small group discussions.


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