Critical Curiosity

While teaching my summer ed tech course today, some of my students were too quickly going to the “what’s wrong with this picture” line of thinking.

(I know, you’re surprised that my students have that attitude)

Then, after taking some effort to help them consider the positive aspects of the technology use, I explained that my goal with technology in education is ‘critical curiosity’.

With this stance, I’m always wondering how new technology might get used in the classroom, but am, at the same time, (not really) asking how a new technology might reinforce traditional teaching practices, create inequity in my class, or even reduce the intellectual level of the classroom.

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5 Responses to Critical Curiosity

  1. The use of new technology in education has it’s pro’s and con’s. Speaking for myself, I personally prefer hand written assignments and learning out of a text rather than reading off computer monitors. This may be because of the way my generation was taught in school. Today, in the 21st Century, most schools are replacing their textbooks with Mac books, Ipads, tablets, and laptops. All of the students assignments are to be done online. Personally, I would not choose this route. Simply because I do believe that it will reduce the intellectual level in a classroom. I believe in students being involved with their peers and instructor in discussions, rather than completing something individually online. Communication is very important and I think the use of some technology in classrooms take that away. There some positive aspects to the new developments of technology as well. Technology can provide a student with a numerous amount of information on a topic within seconds.

    I was actually indeed surprised that your students went with the ” what’s wrong with this picture?” line of thinking. Most students enjoy the use of technolgy. Some find it as the easy way out in education.


  2. Technology in the classroom can be both positive and negative at times I feel sure. As a future elementary teacher, we are taught in all of our college classes to incorporate technology in our future classrooms. We are constantly pushing the envelope with new ideas as to what we can come up with to develop even further technological tools/resources. I believe that it is vital to use technology in the classroom for students to learn. This decision has been reached due to the fact that students use technology on a daily basis. If we do not incorporate technology into our classrooms students are not going to stay engaged in the material that is being presented. Although there are many pros and cons to technology use in the classroom, the good out ways the bad.

    ~ Victoria E. Williams
    University of South Alabama
    EDM 310


  3. brantley spillman says:

    Throughout this semester I have been introduced to technology that is completely new to me. These technologies have also, at times, led me to doubt different aspects of what it really has to offer. However, as you have stated, technology is critical in the sense that it is here and it will only continue to evolve within all classrooms. Thus, it is up to us, as educators, to find a happy medium that we can implement and feel comfortable with so that we can use that technology without using it as a crutch.


  4. I, too, believe that technology can be both a good and a bad thing in the classroom. Too much of anything is never a good idea, no need for overkill. I’m in a course this semester where I am learning all about technology in the classroom, not by memorizing anything, but by just doing it. When I started the course, I hated the idea of having most forms of technology in my classroom, for fear of them taking over my own ability to teach my students (also, I’m a big proponent of enhancing creativity and social interaction). However, as the semester has progressed, I have come to love the use of a SMARTboard and several iPads or tablets in the classroom. A SMARTboard is so efficient and can allow your students to see all the things on the internet at the same time as you, when you pull them up. The use of a tablet is a great idea because the students can learn on their own time! There is no leaving students behind by breezing through material, or slowing down to avoid leaving someone behind. Everyone works independently…until you utilize Project Based Learning and require your students to work together toward a common goal. PBL is the best way to use technology, in my opinion, because the options are endless! You can do so much as a group if you are using the internet or any other technological resource. I really like your blog entries-they’re quirky and fun and really enjoyable to read.

    -Catherine Stalvey
    University of South Alabama
    EDM 310


  5. Hunter Reid says:

    Technology can be a good and bad thing in class rooms today. A lot of it depends on the type of students you’re teaching. If students cant stay on task then they shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet. But on a positive not the internet is full of endless options to be used for students who can handle the privilege.


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