What worked for you…

We often here that the old/traditional/lecture-based/age-promoted system of education is antiquated and untenable for the future. When someone defends the the old system, the “disruptive” crowds refrain, “what worked for you might not work for all students!” Needless to say, dialogue doesn’t exactly happen much on social media (megaphones are a poor medium for nuance).

I noticed today that most of what the “revolutionaries” are suggesting for educational change are simply things they have come to recently enjoy as learners.  Does the refrain not apply to them?

Perhaps it’s time to get past our focus on what we or our students “like” and base our pedagogical decisions on the tremendous psychological and educational research out there.  Just for clarity, TED talks and flipped classrooms (the original*) simply do not align with what we know about learning. 
*If you’re talking about the “new and improved” flipped classroom, then your just talking about good teaching, and we don’t need another name for that.

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3 Responses to What worked for you…

  1. LOVE this. Having to put a name on “good teaching” simply undermines the hard work, the daily grind, the good fight, that all great teachers put in day in and day out to serve their students. It’s nuanced, very personal, but also worth sharing in a way that transcends “names”. Teachers must build relationships with one another and peek into the nuances of our practice. I’m guilty of placing “buzz words” on good teaching just as much as the next guy…your post is very important. Glad I stumbled upon it. Thank you.


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