Abstract knowledge transfers, experiences don’t.

Below is a paragraph I am working on for an upcoming article. I’m not yet sure I like it. I feel there might be a logic issue. Any comments appreciated. 

Bell et al. (2016) call for, “The potential associations between certain NOS rationales and instructional implementation need to be tested” (p. 515). While this study did not assess NOS implementation, informed nature of science pedagogy (NOSP) views are likely necessary for NOS implementation. If teachers do not have robust NOSP views, but do teach NOS, the implementation may reflect unconscious competence and teachers may struggle to teach NOS other than to repeat activities they have seen in their teacher preparation. Wahbeh and Abd-El-Khalick (2014) explain this inability to transfer NOSP because teachers’ NOSP views are situated within the context they learned NOS. That is, teachers can implement NOS activities they’ve experienced, but not create new activities or experiences to teach NOS. Therefore, understanding associations between participants’ NOS rationales and NOSP views may, in some ways, be more useful than investigating associations between NOS rationales and NOS implementation. That is, NOSP views may indicate a deeper understanding of NOSP than whether teachers can repeat or modify a NOS activity they experienced as learners. Yet, future research ought to investigate the association between NOS rationales and classroom implementation as well as associations between NOSP views and classroom implementation. 

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