Do less for learners

A few days ago, my oldest drew a two square court on our driveway. Given that my dad-game is strong, I told him to get a ball if he wants to get beat. He retrieved the ball, but it was flat. So I said, go get the bike pump. He brought the ball, and the pump over to me and waited. However, I was home for only a little while before I had to leave to teach an evening class. Therefore, my hands were full with left over pizza I was scarfing before having to go teach. So, he and I stood their looking at each other.

Silence is a wonderful thing.

He waited patiently for me to finish eating for all of 30 seconds and then started investigating the bike pump and the ball. He had observed me pumping up a ball before so he had some idea what to do. A few moments later, he had inserted the ball needle into the pump end and squeezed the needle in to the ball. He pumped the ball up, removed the needle, rewrapped the pump hosing and put everything away just in time for me to finish my pizza and we had a fun game of two square….that I like totally won.

He didn’t need me for that particular task anymore.

And that’s the point.

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