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On Burnout

The Foo Fighters have been one of my favorite bands for quite some time, so when they came to Des Moines for the first time ever, I went. Our seats were not great, but it’s the Foo Fighters, so even … Continue reading

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Do less for learners

A few days ago, my oldest drew a two square court on our driveway. Given that my dad-game is strong, I told him to get a ball if he wants to get beat. He retrieved the ball, but it was … Continue reading

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Vulnerability in Teaching & Leading

I think teachers and leaders have trouble with vulnerability. Traditionally, these roles are supposed to have all the answers. However, embracing humility and vulnerability is probably more honest and even more productive in both teaching and leading. A vulnerable stance … Continue reading

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Punctuated Equilibrium: Life, scientists, students

I’m not an evolutionary biologist so forgive me if I get this wrong. I believe that some evolutionary biologists either currently or at one time believed that evolution progressed with spurts of activity in which certain events caused a higher … Continue reading

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I’m done with busy.

I don’t think I often wear the busy-ness badge of honor or complain about how busy I am, but I think a list of my recent commitments might help you see why I’m trying to get away from busy. So, … Continue reading

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One Way to Improve Your Teaching

Sometimes I am asked what is the most important part of teaching effectively or what is the one thing that I’d recommend for people to try. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the question can be answered. There is no single thing … Continue reading

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Ego and Learning

I was watching a good friend teach recently and they had the students talk in small groups. In one group I noticed that a single student seemed to dominate the conversation. At one point during the small group discussion, another … Continue reading

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4 Ways I Use Chalk/White Boards

I love chalk boards. I never have to worry about whether the lines are dark enough or if any given piece of chalk will be dried out. Chalk just works. Unfortunately, whiteboards replaced chalkboards in most classrooms long ago and … Continue reading

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Taking Things Personally

So, this post was spurred by a somewhat random thought and came out very stream of consciousness, but ended up in kind of an interesting place. Enjoy! Early in my teaching career (ok, even now), I let student misbehavior or … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Increase Student Engagement…tomorrow!

Recently, I watched a few teachers teach back-to-back. All of the teachers were asking good questions and responding to students appropriately, but there was something different about the last teacher I watched that day. They seemed to be doing something … Continue reading

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