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Why schools don’t change

You must go check out Ira Socol’s most recent post in which he links the slow progression of medicinal practice to educational change. I found myself thinking about Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolutions” & paradigm shift. In science, a … Continue reading

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Looking Deeper at Dan Meyer’s 3 Acts

I’ve been following Dan Meyer’s process with his 3 acts for quite a while.  I greatly appreciate the public nature in which he develops ideas and there is a reason he has so many followers: his ideas are worth paying … Continue reading

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The Hype Cycle – but this time it’s worse

I respect Larry Cuban a lot.  I’m disappointed nervous about his most recent post.  Not because of what he has to say, but because he is a guy who knows the history of technology in schools very well.  So when … Continue reading

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Dear Dr. Glass

Dr. Jason Glass spoke to the faculty at my university last week. I could tell from the discussion that Jason has learned a lot about education in Iowa over the last year. I respect that he has foregone some initial … Continue reading

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Contextualizing Value-added

Implementation is everything. I’m not philosophically against the notion that we ought to be expecting teachers to “add value” to students’ schooling experience.  However, when we use prescriptive tests to decide how much value is added, I take issue.  For … Continue reading

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Flipped: it’s Newton, but its’ not Einstein

I just got done with a webinar on the flipped classroom.  I appreciated the dialogue.  I am confident that the people in the webinar are each tremendous educators.  While I don’t see the flipped classroom as where instruction ought to … Continue reading

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What does flipping miss?

First off, the flipped classroom is not so very new, but then again, not much is.  Consider the learning cycle.  This “flips” traditional instruction by starting with student exploration, then going into concept development.  The problem is in implementation.  When … Continue reading

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