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What is the purpose of educational technology?

I am reading Larry Cuban’s book, Teachers and Machines from 1986.  In the book he calls instructional technology “any device available to teachers for use in instructing students in a more efficient and stimulating manner than the sole use of … Continue reading

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A pedagogy of learning

My area of expertise is science education and I dabble in learning theory.  I subscribe to a “hot” conceptual change model (Pintrich et al. 1993) in which students conceptual frameworks, developmental levels, motivation, goals, stress, learning dispositions and attribution all … Continue reading

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The importance of abstract thinking.

While developmental learning theory highlights the need to represent new concepts in concrete fashion, if we do not help students move toward more abstract thinking about concepts, they will likely not be able to transfer their understanding to new situations … Continue reading

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Educ 107 – Getting Started.

This is a post for my upcoming course at Drake University on Learning and Assessment.  This course will explore contemporary theories of learning and how they can be used to create a cohesive framework for informing instructional decisions.  This course … Continue reading

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