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Teaching Responsibility

I’ve been using standards-based grading in my courses for several semesters and run into a recurring issue regarding student responsibility. While many SBGers use weekly quizzes to determine student proficiency, I’ve opted to have students demonstrate proficiency via projects/papers (some … Continue reading

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How we should use Khan Academy

Khan Academy is not going away.  So, how could we make use of Khan Academy? 1) As a textbook.  After students have had experiences and discussed ideas in class, I often gave students reading assignments out of textbooks (notice the … Continue reading

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What should we flip?

My last post had some criticism of the flipped classroom.  David Cox, Frank Noschese and I were discussing the nuances on twitter and each had an important insight.  David noted that the better flip described in my example lesson is … Continue reading

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Emotional sink of teaching

This semester I had all assignments be “learning experiences”.  That is, the assignments were not graded in the traditional sense.  When the students turned in assignments (often self created) I provided extensive feedback for them to consider as they continue … Continue reading

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SBG with a twist.

Ok, I need some feedback to see if I’m missing something obvious. Below is a quick summary of my assessment plans for university education courses next semester. While I would love to not give grades, that is not yet an … Continue reading

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Assess the teacher, not the students

*Disclaimer: 1) I know this is a touchy subject, I’m only trying to add to the dialogue. 2) I proofread with my son in the room, so was distracted, but wanted to get this “out there”. :) There has obviously … Continue reading

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Create Your Own Assignments

I am considering how to make my assessment of student learning more authentic, accurate and transparent.  Last semester I tried having students grade themselves which was at first not very well received by students.  Yet, in the end, students seemed … Continue reading

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