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What should we flip?

My last post had some criticism of the flipped classroom.  David Cox, Frank Noschese and I were discussing the nuances on twitter and each had an important insight.  David noted that the better flip described in my example lesson is … Continue reading

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Reform Your Classroom: Dealing with Curricula

This post is a continuation of series I started a long time ago obviously called, Reform Your Classroom.  One of the biggest roadblocks many teachers run into is the overstuffed curriculum they are required to teach.  Below I describe how … Continue reading

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Technology as poor models for schools

This is a quick “aha” post. About a hundred years ago the new technology known as the assembly line revolutionized industry – increasing profits, making production more efficient, increasing productivity, etc.  This technological revolution then found its way into schools … Continue reading

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Content? What content?

Content, or what to teach, is something we as teachers constantly debate.  Unfortunately, too many of us get our “content” from a text book.  This is a bad idea because the text covers way too much information.  Textbooks are a … Continue reading

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