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Ego and Learning

I was watching a good friend teach recently and they had the students talk in small groups. In one group I noticed that a single student seemed to dominate the conversation. At one point during the small group discussion, another … Continue reading

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If I’m being honest…

Sometimes, I wish my research articles were more highly read and cited, that my blog had more subscribers, and that I had more opportunities to do keynotes. Then I remember why I went into this field, and I return my focus on … Continue reading

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Ideas & Answers

I get called arrogant kind of a lot. When I ask those who know me well about the issue, they note that I am a bold & confident person (no disagreement). Then, they usually cite some interaction they had with … Continue reading

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Student Participation

Today in my Ed Psych course I asked, “Why do we want students to participate in class?” The preservice teachers easily acknowledged that increased participation likely leads to increased mental engagement & having students hear ideas of other students has … Continue reading

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Emotional sink of teaching

This semester I had all assignments be “learning experiences”.  That is, the assignments were not graded in the traditional sense.  When the students turned in assignments (often self created) I provided extensive feedback for them to consider as they continue … Continue reading

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First, do no harm.

Reputations happen. I usually develop a reputation for having a frustrating/difficult class.  Some recognize that they learn a lot. When I’m asked about why I choose assignments, activities, and assessments that are frustrating, I respond with two points: 1) Learning … Continue reading

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Tech effect

I was walking past a classroom at 10:51 am.  Their were three students sitting in the room, near each other, I paused and observed. Not a word was spoken. I went on my way and discussed a few things with … Continue reading

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