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Mistaken Mondays: Participating in Patriarchy 

In an effort to help me be more reflective and consistent in my blog posting, I’ve created theme days. For Mondays, my goal is to reflect on some mistake I’ve made in my teaching in an effort to understand, remedy, … Continue reading

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A More Practical Approach

Just an FYI post: I’ve restarted a blog I haven’t revisited in four years.  I, along with my students, have been doing a lot of interesting work with K-12 students. So, I decided to start sharing some of those practical … Continue reading

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What will become of teacher education?

Schools/programs such as Iowa BIG and Waukee APEX reflect efforts to reform education going back more than 100 years. While the people running these programs might not agree, there is a lot of similarity to vocational programs many of us grew … Continue reading

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Teaching is Design: Cultural Constraints

I’ve written a few posts relating teaching and design (see here, here, here, and here). If teaching is designing, then ideas about design might provide interesting insight into teaching. Last time I wrote about material constraints, but culture and society … Continue reading

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Critical of ALL Technology

I know I come off harsh on technology.  I consider myself to be an early experimenter with technology in education. I had my students use twitter in class before they knew what twitter was (that was in 2007). While I am … Continue reading

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Teaching is Designing

Teaching is designing. If we take John Spencer’s design cycle as a starting point, consider how teachers demonstrate awareness, inquiry, research, ideation, planning, prototyping, testing and revising, and launching/marketing. For example, when a teacher is working on creating a new problem-based … Continue reading

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Why I do what I do

This morning I received the following email about one of my preservice teachers who is currently student teaching. Some nice motivation to keep going. Good morning: Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with _______ at _____ Middle School. It was only … Continue reading

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